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Ash Wednesday

A Lenten Liturgy for Families to use at home: Ash Wednesday Home Liturgy

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, a day on which Catholics traditionally observe fasting and abstinence. This means resisting eating between meals (fasting) and avoiding eating meat (abstaining). Many Catholics also attend Mass or have special prayer liturgies when they receive ashes on their foreheads. This year you may be celebrating a liturgy with your family at home.

Lent is a forty day preparation for Easter. It reminds us of the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness before he took up his ministry. During that time he fasted and prayed.

Lent is a time of self-denial and prayer for us as well. During this period we are called on to focus on becoming closer to Jesus by praying a little more, doing good deeds for others, going without something we like and giving generously to others in need. Ash Wednesday is a good time for us to think about what we can do to grew closer to Jesus over the next weeks.

You may wish, either individually or as a family, especially with older teenagers, to look at the full scripture readings for the day:

Joel 2: 12 - 18.

Psalm 50: 3-6,12-14, 17,

2 Corinthians 5: 20  -  6: 2.

Matthew 6: 1 - 6, 16 - 18

You can find the readings on The Universalis Website.


Ideas Lent Activities with your family: Lent Activities Poster


There are many sites where you can find Child-friendly resources and also ideas for teenagers, including:

Catholic Icing - Lenten Activities for Children (including an excellent 'Lenten Journey' day-by-day map)

Leena Prindle on Pinterest - Lent with Children & Youth

Catholic Youth Work - Lent & Easter Ideas

The CAFOD site has lots of ideas and resources, including a Lenten (lockdown-proof) 'Walk for Water'.

Traditionally Catholics abstained from meat on Fridays (and in earlier times on Wednesdays too) - the tradition of 'Fish on Fridays'.  As more and more of young people and families are interested, even passionate, about green issues and turn to vegetarian or even vegan diets, this small change in diet could be an acknowledgement of the need for change. 

Fridays mark the day of the Crucifixion of Christ, for the life of the world. We are called to take our small part in making a difference.

40 days

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