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Saint of the Month - St Brigid

Article for distribution of Ashes

10th October - 28th Sunday of the Year

This weekend Pope Francis is holding a 3 day Synodal Journey of consultations and discernment culminating with the Assembly in October 2023 in Rome. The word Synod means ‘walking together’. The theme will include; Communion, Participation and Mission. We are asked to pray for the work of the Synod and we will all be invited to share our vision for the Church of the future as it undertakes this important journey.

3rd October - 27th Sunday of the Year

A Synod of the catholic church will open in Rome on 9th & 10th October. The themes will involve; Communion, Participation and Mission. We are asked to pray for the Church as it undertakes this journey.

26th September - 26th Sunday of the Year

Today 7 children recieved their First Holy Communion. We pray for them. Thank you to Father Hathaway for the service. 

19th September - 25th Sunday of the Year

If you wish to be confirmed in June 2022, please fill in an Application Form available at the back of the Church.

12th September - 24th Sunday of the Year

Seven children will be making their First Communion on Sunday Sept. 25th . Please remember to pray for these children.

5th September - 23rd Sunday of the Year

Please see details about 2 retreats taking place at Belmont Abbey. 


29th August - 22nd Sunday of the Year

Creation time runs from 1st Sept. Until 4th October. Pope Francis has designated this month as a period to reflect carefully on the gift of God’s Creation. He asks us all to make courageous choices for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.


8th August - 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

For updates please see the newsletter

1st August - 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

We thank Fr. Alexander for joining us to celebrate mass this Sunday. 


25th July - 17th Sunday in Ordinary time

We are very grateful to Archbishop George for coming to celebrate Mass in Ynyshir and Tonypandy during the month of July.

18th July - 16th Sunday of the Year

We wish the schoolchildren, parents and teachers a very happy and relaxing holiday. Also happy holiday to all parishioners who are on vacation at this time.

Enjoy your break and stay safe.

11th July - 15th Sunday of the Year

*Booking a place*

To ensure correct seating arrangements, if you are a newcomer to the parish is it necessary to book a place if you intend coming to Mass either to Ynyshir or Tonypandy.
Likewise, if you are a regular but unable to attend the Services please inform us so that your place can be offered to someone else. Thank you. 

4th July - 14th Sunday of the Year

*Change in times*

Echsristic Service - 3rd July 6pm Tonypandy

Mass - 4th July - 9.15am Ynysihir/11.15am Tonypandy


Pope Francis has decided to institute a church wide celebration of a world day for Grandparents and the Elderly. This will be celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July. 

27th June - 13th Sunday of the Year

Right to Life include some prayers for the coming month in order to encuorage more discussion and active prayer for the pro-life movement. 

*Change in mass times*
From 3rd July the following applies: 
Eucharistic Service 6pm Tonypandy - 3rd July
9.30am Mass at Ynyshir - 4th July
11.15am Mass at Tonypandy - 4th July

20th June - 12th Sunday of the Year

The Family Life Team for the Archdiocese would like to invite YOU to a ‘Drop in Zoom’ if you would like a bit of advice, support or information or just chat with likeminded parents/grandparents about the joys and challenges they face within their families and maybe discover how the Church can support the families of our community, directly or through signposting to appropriate organisations.


13th June - 11th Sunday of the Year

The newsletter contains information about a series of talks on the problem of suffering, Chasing the Wind: The bible, philosophy and the problem of Evil. There is also information on the SPUC mass lobby 16th/17th July. 

Feast of The Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Mass in Ynyshir at 9am instead of 9.30 for the forseeable. 


The Most Holy Trinity Sunday

During the month of June Mass in St. Mary Magdalene, Ynyshir will be at 9.00am. Bishop Tom Burns has agreed to supply but he is saying Mass in Aberavon later and needs sufficient time to get there. We are very grateful to Canon Bob Reardon for coming to Ynyshir for Mass during the month of May.


Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday is a significant day when prayers are recommended for the Church. The coming of the Holy Spirit marked a new begininning for the Apostles. 


7th Sunday of Easter

There was a celebration for marriage held at All Saints Newport. The link to the mass can be found here:  


*Reminder* Please can you book in advance if you wish to attend mass, this is to ensure that we are Covid safe. 

6th Sunday of Easter

During May the Rosary will be said on Saturdays at 5.30pm. It will also be said on a Monday and Wednesday after the service. 


5th Sunday of Easter


Throughout the month of May there will be mass at Ynyshir every Sunday 9.30am.

4th Sunday of Easter/Good Shepherd Sunday

During the month of May we will recite the rosary on Saturday evenings at 5.35pm prior to mass at 6pm. See the newsletter for more information.

3rd Sunday of Easter

If you are celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary this year you can be included in a ceebration book. Please see the newsletter for information.

2nd Sunday of Easter/Divine mercy Sunday

Please see the newsletter for further information.

Palm Sunday

Holy Week masses:

Saturday 27th - Tonypandy 6pm/ Sunday 28th - Ynyshir 9.30am & Tonypanday 11.15am

Maundy Thursday - Tonypandy 6pm

Good Friday - Tonypandy 3pm

No Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday - Ynyshir 9.30 & Tonypandy 11.15 am. 

If you have not yet booked a place please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

5th Sunday of Lent

The mass times for Easter can be found in this weeks newsletter. If you wish to attend any of the Holy Week Masses please book in advance. 

Feasts this week:

Wed March 17 th St. Patrick, patron Saint of Ireland.

Friday March 19 th St. Joseph, Spouse of the Virgin Mary and, this year Patron of the Universal Church.

It is also the anniversary of the inauguration of Pope Francis in 2013. It is a special day of prayer for Pope Francis and the whole Church.

3rd Sunday of Lent


- Don't forget to return your CAFOD  envelopes from family fast day.

- Please return any Red Boxes you may have so that the money can be counted and sent to the Mill Hill Missionaries. 



At the end of this weeks newsletter there is a prayer from Pope Francis for St Joseph.

2nd Sunday of Lent

Weekday Services will resume from 1 st March on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Morning Prayer is as usual at 9.15am followed by Celebration of the Word at 9.30am. There will be Eucharistic Adoration for 30 minutes onFridays following the Service.

Weekend services continue as per the last few weeks.

1st Sunday of Lent

The celebration of Mass resumes at our parish from this weekend.

Saturday - 6pm / Sunday 11.15am. 

Please call in advance to book a place due to restrictions. 


6th Sunday in Ordinary time

This weeks newsletter has details about the upcoming masses for Lent and how to access online sessions throughout lent. 

For those unable to attend mass on Ash Wednesday you can use this article for the distribution of ashes

Reminder: Mass at 6pm for Ash Wednesday 17th February. Saturday Mass - 6pm, Sunday service - 11.15am. Please book in advance. 

5th Sunday in Ordinary time 

*Important Update*

Church will re open on Ash Wednesday - 17th February. 

Mass will be celebrated in SS Gabriel and Raphael  church at 6pm by Fr Stanton. 

Masses will then resume every Saturday at 6pm, starting 20th February. There will also be the eucharistic service on Sundays at 11.15am, commencing from 21st February.

As usual please call ahead to book a seat for services. 

4th Sunday in Ordinary time - Racial Justice Sunday

This year’s Racial Justice Sunday is more important than ever.  The effects of the Corona virus pandemic, the killing of George Floyd, and the powerful message on fraternity and equality by Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti, speak of the need to actively oppose racism and pursue racial justice with renewed vigour.

Church remains closed, for up to date details and prayer please see the newsletter

We have also been asked to circulate the 'Saint of the month' document - Feb 1st St Brigid

3rd Sunday in Ordinary time - Year B

24th January - Church remains closed for the forseeable. 

This week let us unite ourselves in prayer during these 3-days Novena with all those who seek the healing intercession of Our Blessed Lady.

For details of dates etc please see the newletter.

Keep safe!

The baptism of the Lord 10th January 2021

Due to the recent rise in cases of COVID -19 in Wales and particularly in the Rhondda we have decided to close both SS Gabriel & Raphael and St. Mary Magdalene Churches for theforeseeable future. We have discussed this with other parishes in the Deanery and they are doing likewise.

In view of the strain the recent level of infection is placing on the NHS in our local hospitals the present restriction is likely to continue for some time. 

Second Sunday after Christmas - 3rd January 2021

Fr.Stanton has kindly agreed to say mass at Ynyshir the 1st Sunday of the month. This will commence from 7th February 9am. 

We wish you all a happy new year!


The Nativity of our Lord December 25th. Christmas Day 2020

updated newsletter for Christmas Day mass

Fourth Sunday of Advent December 20th 2020

Updated newsletter for Fourth Sunday of Advent

Third Sunday of Advent December 12th Gaudete Sunday 

Updated newsletter for Third Sunday of Advent

Second Sunday of Advent 6th December 2020

All spaces for Christmas massess are now reserved. Saturday evening masses continue throughout advent as do the Sunday services. 

For more information please see the newsletter. 

*Important information about mass times and christmas*

1st Sunday of advent

There will now be a Saturday evening mass for the next four Saturdays at 6pm in Tonypandy. This will be accompanied by a eucharistic service on a Sunday at 11.15am. 


Christmas time:

24th December, Christmas Eve - Vigil mass at 7pm Tonypandy

25th December, Christmas Day - 9am Ynyshir/10.30am Tonypandy


If you wish to attend the Christmas services can you please phone in advance to book a place so social distancing can be followed. It would also be advisable to book for the Saturday evening mass. 


Christ the King 22/11/20

Due to restrictions Father Dermot cannot say Sunday mass however there is a Eucharistic service Sunday 22nd November at 11.15am at Tonypandy. 

'As we come to this last Sunday of the Church’s liturgical year, we celebrate the kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who reigns in the hearts of all who place their trust in him. In today’s readings Jesus is depicted as the shepherd whose flock includes all people throughout the world: this image reflects God’s love and care for every human being.'


33rd Sunday in Ordinary time

Because of COVID 19 restrictions in England Fr. Dermot will not be able to come to Wales for Mass for the present. However, we will have a Eucharistic service in Tonypandy on Sunday 16 th November at 11.15am.

Please see the newsletter for more information. 

32nd Sunday in Ordinary time

Some good news. As of 15th November there will be a Eucharistic mass each Sunday in St Gabriel and Raphael. There is no need to book in advance, but social distancing rules will be adhered to. We look forward to seeing you all again. 

The feast off All Saints - 1st November

The parish remains closed until 9th November.  See the newsletter for this weeks notices. 

Newsletter for 30th Sunday in ordinary time

Due to government guidance and restrictions, there will be no service for the next two weeks. We will update you when services can resume once more. 
Please see the newsletter for further details.

Newsletter for the 29th Sunday in ordinary time

As Fr. Dermot is unable to travel, there has been permission granted for Echaristic services on a Sunday at St Gabriel and Raphael church. These will commennce from this weekend (18th Ocotber) at 11.15am. You are advised to phone ahead if you wish to attend so that seating appropriate seating can be arranged. There is no religious obligation to attend these services. 

Newsletter for 28th Sunday in ordinary time

Although, at present, we are unable to come together to worship in our parish churches we can still keep one another in our thoughts and prayers. In particular we remember those who are housebound, isolated or in hospital.

Newsletter 26th Sunday in ordinary time

There is no mass this weekend 26th/27th September. There will be a review in the week and further announcements regarding mass next weekend will be announced. 

20th September 2020

Newsletter for the weekend of 20th September. 
There is no mass for the next two weeks due to RCT lockdown procedures. 

13th September 2020

Newsletter 13th September. There is no mass this weekend. 

Please see newsletter for a message from Pope Francis. 


 6th September 2020

Newsletter for 5th September 2020. 


Please note there is no mass next weekend (12th/13th September)

 30th August 2020

 23rd August 2020

Newsletter for 23rd August. 


"Those of us, who have faith, have it because of the many faithful that camebefore us and who, like Peter, responded to the teaching of Christ.
We may each be called to be a ‘Rock’ of faith and courage in our world, and to be a foundation on which others can build."

 16th August 2020

Newsletter for 16th August - Feast of the assumption of our lady


'If we want an ideal follower to imitate, then  Mary is our example; and in her Assumption, we see the future glory God has in store for those who try their best to live by the teachings of Jesus.'

 9th August 2020

Newsletter for 9th August 2020


'Like Elijah we can ask ourselves where is God in the turbulence of our times. Elijah found God in the ‘the sound of the gentle breeze’. We too can find God when we quietly listen and look beneath the surface of our busy lives.'


 2nd August 2020

Newsletter for 2nd August 2020


Sincere thanks to all who have helped to make our church a safe place at this difficult time.
We join in thought and prayer with all our parishioners who are unable to be with us, especially remembering the sick and the housebound.

 26th July 2020


Please see the newsletter for updates on procedures to be followed during mass. 

'Guidelines have been followed and every effort has been made to ensure that our church is a safe environment for the reopening. We are not returning to things as they were when we closed four months ago.  As a community we will learn what is best for us bearing in mind our collective responsibility for our safety during this reopening phase of COVID-19.


If a parishioner feels at risk, unwell, or has been advised to take precautions for health reasons, it is advisable not to attend. The dispensation from attending Sunday mass continues.'


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