Registers & Archives

SDRA-01  Registers at the Roman Catholic Church of St Dyfrig

A summary of the registers held at St Dyfrig's - compiled 2011


SDRA-02 Historic Documents at the Roman Catholic Church of St Dyfrig

This list of the documents held on-line, initiated 2011.


SDRA-03 The Development of St Dyfrig's

A 2011 compilation of relevant texts from documents 04, 05, and 06 together with contemporary photos, depicting the growth and development of St Dyfrig's.


SDRA-04 The Catholic Church of St Dyfrig

Text from a brochure published by the parish circa 1966.


SDRA-05 The People of Treforest in the 1880s

A paper by Yvonne Bacchetta, 1984.


SDRA-06 The Treforest Roman Catholic Church and Parish of St Dyfrig

Documents from circa 1994: a long manuscript and two short pieces by Carol Jenkins.


SDRA-07 The Parish Priests of St Dyfrig's

A list compiled after 2001 and updated 2011.


SDRA-08 The Artwork of Penanne Crabbe

Penanne Crabbe's artwork was installed in the church in 1999, together with small plaques commentating on her thinking behind the work.


SDRA-09 Priests and Ordinations at St Dyfrig's

Photographs of some priests and ordination cards connected with St Dyfrig's.


SDRA-10 Gareth Leyshon's Ordination

Photographs of Gareth Leyshon's ordination in St Dyfrig's in 2007, taken by Clare Hardwick.


SDRA-11 Marriage Records 1879 - 1911

Dates of marriages as the old St Dubritius up to 1911, with names of the bride and groom.


SDRA-12 Baptism Records 1868 - 1911

Dates of baptisms as the old St Dubritius up to 1911 with name of the child, date of baptism, and stated date of birth.


SDRA-13 Dedication of the Church, 1927

A 40-page order of service for the blessing and dedication ceremony is retained in the parish archive.


SDRA-14 Consecration of the Church, 1975

A 16-page order of service for the consecration ceremony is retained in the parish archive, together with an 8-page hymn sheet.


SDRA-15 Treforest Parish, by Rev. E. L. Butler

Probably part of a centenary brochure in 1963, an article focussing on significant priests who have served in St Dyfrig's.


SDRA-16 Pontypridd - the Town of which we are Proud.

Two pages from the 1946 St Dyfrig's Parish Magazine, reflecting on Pontypridd.


SDRA-17 Local Saints of the Celtic Era

Extracts from an 1836 work by Revd Rice Rice:  An Essay on the Welsh Saints, or the Primitive Christians usually considered to have been the founders of churches in Wales.


SDRA-18  The Church of St Gwynno,  Llanwonno

Reproduction of text by J. Gwyn Davies (sometime Dean of St Woolos Anglican Cathedral, Newport, Gwent), probably originally published as a short pamphlet.


SDRA-19  St Dyfrig's War Memorial

A short note by pastor Gareth Leyshon, December 2011, with the contents of the memorial to the men of the parish who fell in the First and Second World Wars.


SDRA-20  Treforest Nazareth House

Letter from the Sisters of Nazareth General Archive,  Hammersmith, 27 January 2012, summarising the short history of the Nazareth House located in Treforest 1905-1924.


SDRA-21  Pontypridd's Catholic Orphanage

A compilation text by pastor Gareth Leyshon, January 2012, with the information available concerning the St Michael’s Home, or Orphanage (1887-1905) which became Treforest’s Nazareth House (1905-1924) and then relocated to Swansea.


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