St Dyfrig's Parish Protocol for visits by Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Normal practice is that Ministers of Holy Communion should visit in pairs, either two commissioned ministers or one minister with a CRB-cleared companion who is not a commissioned minister.   It is quite acceptable for the second visitor to be the spouse of the first, as long as both are cleared through the parish for vulnerable adult visiting.

A solo visit by a commissioned minister is permissible when:

 1. The visit is to a hospital ward: It is assumed that any patient in hospital will be in a public place throughout the visit - a ward, or a private room with a glass window. If a patient is found to be in a private room with no external visibility, however, a companion should come on subsequent visits.

 2. The visit is to a residential home AND previous visits have established that all subsequent visits will be in sight of others (e.g. giving communion in a corner of the day room) and never in the person's private quarters.

 3. The visit is to a person living with adult family members in a private dwelling, e.g. a bedbound person being cared for by family, or an elderly couple are being visited together. But if family circumstances are such that only the one person to be visited is at home when visits take place, this person should be visited by a pair.

 4. The person being visited has a long-standing friendship with the special minister and has explicitly stated to the visiting co-ordinator that they are happy for their friend to visit unaccompanied.

Hospital visits (category 1) are assumed to be public and need no special permission for a solo visit.   The first visit to a new visitee in categories 2 and 3 MUST be by a pair.   When a solo minister starts visiting in situation 2, 3, or 4, they must explicitly notify the visiting co-ordinator that they will be going solo in future.


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