Links of interest to Catholic Students

Catholic students may also be interested in:

 • Cardiff Chaplaincy – our nearest neighbours. 
 • International Movement of Catholic Students – our global neighbours.

 • Catholic Gap Year – for the perfect “Year Out”

 • Archdiocese of Cardiff Youth Networking (Facebook) 
 • – a social network so good, even the Pope uses it!

 • Student Cross – Walk to Walsingham for Easter 
 • Young Catholic Adults - supported by the Latin Mass Society 
 • Youth 2000 – more Catholic retreats for young people aged 16-30

 • Catholic Unattached Directory – if you are looking for the perfect partner.  
 • Catholic Singles - for those who don't want to be.

 • Engaged Encounter – if you think you have found the One! 
 • Online Marriage Preparation – if you are marrying the One but cannot attend courses together. 
 • Friends First

 • SVP 1833 – Loving our neighbours. 
 • StudentLifeNet – And our unborn neighbours! 
 • Change the future – See, Judge, Act with the Young Christian Workers.

 • Want to find out more about the Catholic faith? Seek here!

Perhaps you are considering committing your life to a religious order?

  Some of our local orders are:

  • Belmont Abbey - English Benedictines 
  • The Institute of Charity (Rosminians) - the Church's most "general purpose" order of priests and sisters!
  • Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy – their British headquarters are in South Wales 
  • Poor Clares - enclosed nuns in Herefordshire 
  • Society of the Sacred Heart - with a retreat centre at Llanerchwen

Perhaps you don't want to join an order, just to become a priest?

  • You are Free2Become the person God calls you to be! 
  • Perhaps the National Office for Vocation can help? 
  • Or an international perspective on vocations?



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